Species Database

Download SppDb

Option 1: Click here to download a copy of SppDb as a 7Zip file. To unpack the file and uncover the setup file, you will need to use 7Zip - click to download 7Zip - it is a free file compression tool, well worth installing. Use it whenever you need to send big file.

Although we have submitted the 7Zip setup file to a number of virus protection vendors, you may still have to tell your virus protection software to let the file through.

Option 2: Click here to download and run the SppDbSetup exe file to try out the features of SppDb.

Tip: We recommend downloading the setup file - SppDbSetupXX.exe (or .zip)  to your desktop, not to a network or USB file.

File download blocked?

If your virus protection software blocks the above file, use Option 1: above.

If you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 to browse the Net, the SmartScreen filter in Internet Explorer 9 may present a warning that our software is not commonly downloaded. You can choose to ignore the message. Users of Mozilla or Google Chrome receive no such warning.

When SppDb runs - license details screen

When SppDb runs, you will be presented with the screen shown below. Select Demo to trial the software.

Select File>Open and load the Sample database. (Sample.spp will be found in User > Documents > SppDb)

Tip: You may need to stretch the screen down a little in order to see the controls at the bottom that enable scrolling.

Opening screen

Note that as each image needs to be downloaded from the Internet, the first time you run SppDb, scrolling records may initially appear slow. Once images have been downloaded, scrolling will return to normal speed. When you add your information to the database, scrolling records is quick.

If after testing SppDb, and you want to purchase a copy, please visit our e-Shop page. The cost is $AUD35.00.

SppDb runs under Windows 7, 8.1 and 10 and on Macs using Windows emulation software such as Crossover, Parallels, Boot Camp etc.